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Mysterious "Benham's Disk". If you spin it, various colors will appear from the white and black patterns.

Let's make your disk and spin it!

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Spin it!

benham's disk screenShot turn

Spin speed increases if you tap more.
If you tap the opposite side, spin direction will be reversed.

Make it!

benham's disk screenShot make

Open the disk editor. You can fill cells by tapping.
Number of the cells can be changed from 80 to 5760!

Import photo!

benham's disk screenShot photo

You can import a photo from the Photo Library and use it as a disk pattern.
When you spin it, what can be seen?

What's new

2015/11/151.1 is out! Supporting iOS 9.

2015/7/22Benham's Disk is now available on App Store!

2015/7/7We're waiting for the App Store review.


Is it possible to send my disk to a friend?
Yes. You can save the image to the Photo Library. Try sharing it with e-mail, AirDrop, etc.
I'd like to print my disk.
You can export the disk image to the Photo Library, then print it.
How to adjust the center of the picture?
When you long-tap the disk, disk edit screen will be open. Please move and adjust a center position.



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